Prices and Services

Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Dial a Dog Wash Chester provide mobile dog grooming for dogs of all breeds and age. We come to you and pamper your pooch in our custom-fitted, heated vans - not in your home. Easier for you and a more enjoyable experience for your dog! We pride ourselves on our breed knowledge and adapt to each dog individually. We can wash and groom large breeds, and dogs with behavioural problems or nervous dispositions.

Our pricing is different for each breed. To enquire for your dog please call us on 0800 699 0936 or 07971 106866, chat with us by clicking the Messenger icon in the bottom right corner, or scroll down for our full price list. If the breed of your dog is not listed, please contact us.

How to pay

Payments can be made by cash or credit/debit card (incurs a small charge). We're unable to accept cheques.

The prices below are an indication only and may vary if your dog is bigger than normal for its breed, or its coat is in poor condition or exceptionally dirty.

Nail & ear package

For a doggy pedicure, ear cleaning, and perfume/cologne spray £15.

Puppy Package

(6 months and younger). Includes a wash, trim, nails clipped, and ears cleaned for your little pups. It is important to start good grooming habits early. £5 off our regular pricing.

Flea treatment

This is an additional £7 (flea treatment to help eliminate the fleas and their eggs).

Please note that all of our packages come with nails clipped, ears cleaned, and a fragrant spray at no additional charge.

We also offer at no additional charge for those dogs with sensitive skin a medical shampoo upon request.

We have several different fragrances for you to choose from. Please ask your groomer.

Grooming Charges  (Discount for Certain Breeds when wash ONLY)
  Prices From
Airedale Terrier £50.00
Akita £67.00
Bassett Hound £27.00
Bichon Frissee £40.00
Beagle £28.00
Bearded Collie £48.00
Bedlington Terrier £38.00
Belgian Shepherd £47.00
Bernese Mountain Dog £52.00 + 
Border Terrier £38.00
Boxer £30.00
Bulldog £30.00
Bull Mastiff £38.00
Cairn Terrier £38.00
Chihuahua (SH) £21.00
Chihuahua (LH) £32.00  
Cocker Spaniel £42.00  
Cockerpoo £42.00 +
(Small Long Haired)
(Large Long Haired)
(Short Haired)
Corgi £34.00
Dalmation £31.00
(Short Haired)
(Wire Haired)
(Long Haired)
Doberman £30.00
Dogue de Bordeaux £38.00
Fox Terrier £38.00
German Shepherd
(Short Haired)
German Shepherd
(Long Haired)
Golden Retriever £52.00
Great Dane £42.00
Greyhound £30.00
Jack Russell
(Small Short Haired)
Jack Russell
(Large Short Haired)
Jack Russell
(Small Wire Haired)
Jack Russell
(Large Wire Haired)
Kerry Blue £42.00
King Charles
Labrador £35.00
Labradoodle  £47.00 +
Lakeland Terrier £37.00
Lhasa Apso £40.00
Malamute £67.00
Maltese £32.00
Newfoundland £87.00
Old English
Parsons Russell £37.00
Pommeranian £38.00
Poodles (Miniature) £40.00
Poodles (Standard) £50.00
Pug £23.00
Rottweiller £38.00
Rough Collie £47.00
Samoyed £64.00
Schnauzer (Miniature) £38.00
Schnauzer (Giant) £47.00
Scottish Highland Terriers £42.00
Setter (English and Red) £52.00
Sharpei £32.00
Sheltie £40.00
Shih Tzu £40.00
Siberian Husky £47.00
Springer Spaniel
(Long Haired)
St Bernard £82.00
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Small) £30.00
Tibetan Terrier £41.00
West Highland
Welsh Terrier £38.00
Wheaton Terrier £42.00
Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkshire Terriers